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Carbonless Papers

Thermal papers are those that receives a coating layer on their surface that makes them sensitive to heat. As a result, the thermal printing system does not require any ink in the printer, as it is directly applied to the paper. The image (print) is the product of the reaction between the coating layer chemicals and the heat, which is usually emitted from thermal printers, for which they are designed.

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What are Carbonless Papers?

Carbonless papers are used to obtain copies simultaneously with the creation of the original document without carbon paper being required between the sheets. Such systems allows up to 5 copies to be printed in addition to the original document. Through the impact (from handwriting or from a dot matrix printer) on the set of sheets, the microcapsules present in the CB sheet break up and release the dye which, when in contact with the chemical substance present in the CF sheet, reacts to produce the image (blue or black) on such copy. The carbonless system is composed of 3 types of paper, each with its specific coating, to be applied on each sheet, following an overlapping order:


It is the first sheet of the set, also known as the original. It is called CB because it is Coated Back, that is, coated on the back of the paper as it is placed in the form. Its coating is composed of microcapsules of leuco dyes (blue or black).


It is the last sheet of the set and is called as such as it is Coated Front, that is, coated on the front surface of the paper as it is placed in the form. It has a coating based on developing dye, which is a chemical responsible for receiving the dye from the CB sheet and reacting with it, thus producing the image.


The sheet that receives the CB and CF coating simultaneously. It works as an in-between sheet to transfer the data through the form. Up to 4 CFB sheets can be used for a 6-copy form.