Thermal papers are those that receive a coating on their surface that makes them heat sensitive. Consequently, the thermal printing system does not require ink in the printer, as this is applied directly to the paper. The image (print) is the product of the reaction between the chemicals from the coating and heat, usually emitted by the thermal printers, for which they are designed.

Discover which paper is the most suitable for each type of application.

Non Top Coated*
Papéis Térmicos - TERMOSCRIPT

Thermal paper for receipts, tax receipts, tickets and access controls.

Papéis Térmicos - TERMOBANK

Thermal paper for general statements and bank transaction receipts.

Top Coated**
Papéis Térmicos - TERMOTICKET

Topcoated thermal paper for water and energy bill, parking ticket, event tickets and boarding pass.

Papéis Térmicos - TERMOLOTO

Topcoated thermal paper for lottery tickets.

Papéis Térmicos - TERMOLABEL

Topcoated thermal paper for self-adhesive labels.

Thermal papers are composed of up to 3 coating layers, each with its own function, guaranteeing the good operation of the system, according to the use of the paper. These are:


First coating layer, composed of a pigment with insulating properties, which concentrates the printer’s heat on the paper, preventing dissipation into the environment. Moreover, it closes and refines the surface of the base paper (offset) to receive the thermal layer, which contains the chemicals responsible for the reaction.


Second coating layer, which contains the chemicals that react to heat and are responsible for the image formation. Such chemicals are basically a leuco dye and a developer, forming a black image.


Some thermal papers have this third and last layer, which forms a film on the surface and acts as a protective barrier for the image against media that may attack it and cause it to revert to the leuco state, such as water, oils, solvents and plasticizers.

Thermal papers are used for a wide range of applications such as tax receipts, credit card receipts, bank statements, boarding passes, adhesive labels, lottery tickets and others.

The grammages can vary as can the type of coating, according to the final application of the product.

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