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Papéis Autocopiativos - EXTRACOPY

Carbonless Paper for forms.

Carbonless Papers are used to obtain copies at the same time as the original without the need to use carbon paper between the multiple sheets. The system allows up to 5 counterparts to be printed in addition to the original sheet.

Through the impact (of handwriting or of a matrix printer) on the set of multiple sheets, the microcapsules present in the CB counterpart burst and release the dye that, in contact with the chemical present in the CF sheet, reacts forming the image (blue or black) on this sheet.

The carbonless system is made up of 3 types of paper, each with its specific coating, to be applied on each sheet, respecting an overlapping order:


This is the first sheet of the set, also known as the original. It receives the name CB as it is Coated Back, i.e., coated on the back of the paper as it is positioned in the form. Its coating is composed of the microcapsules of leuco dyes (blue or black).


This is the last sheet of the set and receives this name as it is Coated Front, i.e., coated on the front surface of the paper as it is positioned in the form. Its coating has a developer pigment base, the chemical responsible for receiving the dye from the CB sheet and reacting with it, forming the image.


This is the sheet that receives the CB and CF coating at the same time. It functions as an intermediate sheet to transmit the data through the form. Up to 4 sheets of CFB can be used for a 6-part form.

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