Pensar adiente e ir além com criatividade.

From the raw material to the end product, quality, cost, value added, products to delight customers and partnership with suppliers, are day-to-day concerns of the R&D area of OJI PAPÉIS ESPECIAIS.


Responsible for the application of the research and development of the coated Thermal, Self-copy and Couché papers, the R&D area knows that knowledge and technology are the best tools to surprise and win over the customer.

Determination and dedication are the keywords for the R&D area that constantly seeks to develop innovative products and processes at competitive costs transforming the wishes of specialty paper customers into reality.

Linked to the Technical and Industrial Management Area of OJI PAPÉIS ESPECIAIS, the R&D area occupies an area of 700m², and sports ultra-modern paper evaluation and development equipment for all applications. Recognized as one of the best laboratories of the Paper industry in Latin America.

Areas of activityo

  • Business Area
  • Manufacturing unit
  • Supplies
  • Raw material suppliers
  • Equipment suppliers
  • Paper customers
  • Research Institutes


Quality has ceased to be a differential to become a basic condition in conquering the market. For this reason, the Research and Development area of OJI PAPÉIS ESPECIAIS has the mission of transforming the requirements of customers into new products, appropriate for each need.


  • Diversification of the product portfolio with adequate quality and competitive cost;
  • Implementation of new technologies of OJI HOLDINGS CORPORATION;
  • Constant updating of the new technologies and market needs;


  • Maintenance of position at the forefront of technology within our market, in terms of raw material, equipment and procedures;
  • Development of raw materials aiming at cost optimization;


  • Development of on machine coated papers;
  • Constant search for cost reduction and increase in product competitiveness;


The R&D area is responsible for the application of the most sophisticated Self-copy Thermal Paper technology, maintaining leadership and pioneer position across the southern hemisphere, for products with an immense range of applications: POS, Barcode, Bank Statements, Printer and Tickets, besides Self-copy applications such as Z-fold paper and bank payment slips, keeping track of the dynamics of growing market changes and demands, are part of the objectives of this team.


The laboratory staff focuses on paper production operations: refining, additivation, sheet formation, size press formulations, including milling in roller mills and specific coatings. With an investment of R$8 million the laboratory has cutting-edge paper evaluation and development equipment for all applications.

Two Pilot Coating machines with Blade processor, Mayer Bar and Roll Coater, with different settings, laboratory supercalender (Yuri Roll), particle size analyzers, and rheometers are some of the items of equipment available in this laboratory.

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