Founded in 1873 in Japan, OJI HOLDINGS CORPORATION has approximately 26 thousand employees and is present on 4 contingents with more than 300 subsidiaries and manufacturing units, which produce countless types of papers and related products, such as: pulp and specialty papers, printing and writing paper, newsprint paper, packing paper, standing out as global leader in the industry.

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Todos nós temos um papel especial no mundo
Monte Alegre

We offer a complete product line, which ranges from Couché and Printing and Writing papers, geared towards the printing industry, to Self-copy and Thermal papers, used for many different specialties. Here you can find technical information and tips on how to optimize the use of our product line.

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Thermal papers are those that receive a coating on their surface that makes them heat sensitive. Consequently, the thermal printing system does not require ink in the printer, as this is applied directly to the paper. The image (print) is the product of the reaction between the chemicals from the coating and heat, usually emitted by the thermal printers, for which they are designed.

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The OJI HOLDINGS, focused on the best results, keep in Piracicaba the OJI PAPÉIS ESPECIAIS, the only company in the group in Brazil in the manufacture of paper, committed to maintaining the economic position of the country and the Latin American avant-garde production of specialty papers. Check out the video and learn more about the OJI.

Mídia impressa & Papel especial

- Revista Trifatto

Confira a matéria completa da revista Trifatto, com participação da Oji Papéis Especiais - Edição agosto/setembro de 2018.

Melhores empresas para trabalhar

- Jornal de Piracicaba

Programs developed for OJI PAPÉIS ESPECIAIS customers aimed at creating competitive differentials, credibility and quality in all the stages of the process.
OJI PAPÉIS ESPECIAIS follows the most exacting quality standards in its installation and in the production of its products. And to ensure that the end customer always receives a high quality product, OPE created the programs: “Garantia Performance Total” and “Garantia Olho na Qualidade”, guaranteeing quality all along the supply chain.

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